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Personal accident / Loss of revenue

As a company you can chose to protect all of your employees, both permanent and temporary but also if you wish, your subcontractors against the costs of sicknesses and accidents and other hazards.

Policies protect

The policies protect the insured against the full range of possible risks running from medical costs, loss of earning to life insurance where sickness or accident has caused temporary or permanent incapacity.

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Case study

During a production unfortunate and unpredictable incidents can happen: a dancer suffers from a fracture, a singer that loses their voice, or a technician that is wounded during the construction of the stage. These people will need immediate medical care and will not be able to exercise their activity for a certain period.

AssurEvents is very aware of the hardships that a person could encounter when needing medical care in a country that is not their own. Finding a hospital where the doctors will speak your language and will accept to treat you without getting paid up front is not a simple task.

Two years ago now, we put in place a Personal accident and Loss of revenue cover for Franco Dragone Entertainment Group. The group employs artists, make-up artist, technicians ...the variety of the activities and worldwide presence of the company demands a very meticulous management of the healthcare covers, which need to be adapted to all the activities and available in all the different countries where the employees are sent.

Like a social security cover this policy offers to the employees the same facilities, they do not need to advance the medi-cal expenses. This cover does not know any geographical boundaries.

AssurEvents has created a personnel management application tool which allows the follow up of the employment movements within the group, the pre-authorizations for treatment and the reimbursements. Today, more than 350 employees benefit of this policy. Whatever the medical treatment or wherever the employee is, they are guaranteed immediate coverage and care.

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