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Brand proctection

The value of a brand is subjected to influences that you cannot always control. The confidence that the public has in your company partially depends on the image that they perceive as the quality of the brand.

A brand is a fragile element and it is unfortunately easily to harm: key person’s actions that compromise your image, a disgrace or a plagiarism accusation are factors that can stain your reputation.

If a great fashion designer is obliged to abandon an advertising campaign because his super model was surprised taking drugs or if a devastating fire erupts during one of your shows, the public will automatically associate the incident to company that organized the event.

A disadvantageous image can very quickly harm the profitability of your company, hence the importance to protect yourself and your revenues.

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Case study

What is a Media Policy?

Entertainment companies sell music, choreography, images, acts, lighting, brand names and logos and services. Just as any creative activities these elements are subject to the laws in force for the protection of their intellectual rights. Using them without authorization is exposing yourself to claims and payment of their use.

Legally it is extremely difficult to prove that your intellectual rights have been used. You must highlight the similarities in the show or production, the resemblance between the different creations and ideas. This leads to long and expen-sive legal procedures. This is why AssurEvents has developed the media policy which covers companies for the legal expenses and the payment of the damages.

Our client whose activities are directly affected by plagiarism risks, today benefits from this cover for all of its productions. Working worldwide and with numerous stakeholders, our client can quickly be confronted with this type of contention; the media cover guaranties protection against the
expenses incurred.

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