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Balance sheet protection

Protecting and securing your balance is insuring the intangible assets which constitute them (revenue, liability...) in order to secure the proper functioning of your company.

There are two head line elements as per your balance sheet :
• Liability
• Revenue Protection


Liability Insurance covers the legal costs of your defense and the damages you may have to pay if you are found liable for damages to a third party. There are 5 major families :

• General Liability which covers the assured whilst operating a business
• Professional Liability which covers the assured during intellectual activities rendered to third parties
• Products Liability which covers the assured for products sold to third parties. The products sold correspond to the intended use. If the sold product causes damages due to a flaw, for example a fire, the products liability policy will cover the damage to the property or injury cause to a person (buildings and contents).
• Directors/ Errors and Omissions which covers the directors of the company from errors and omissions that they may have committed. As they are not employees they are responsible for their own properties.
• Media. This is a specific cover which includes liability but also insurance for claims for copyright or infringement plus intellectual damages resulting from media.

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Revenue protection

Revenue protection insurance is cover that protects your company if you are deprived of the anticipated revenue due to an insured peril. This can be to due to an accident or a fortuitous event that prevents you from delivering a service already sold or to be sold.
The factors which intervene can be; property damage, sickness of a key person, weather hazards, political risks, or even the nonpayment of the service by your client.

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Case study

Thanks to the participation of the agency Community at the Fête Paradiso in New York, discover what the Organizers Civil Liability is and how it protects you!

The French agency Community was chosen by the town of New York to conceive on Governors Island a living exposition for the Fête Paradiso which took place from the 6th July to 29th September 2013.
The visitors of Nolan Park on Governors Island had access to an exceptional collection lent by the private collections of Francis Staud and Régis Masclet to: merry-go-rounds, carrousels, animations and fairground art objects from the XIX and XX centuries.
AssurEvents took the responsibility of putting in place an insurance program in correlation with the risks due to the open air event and of the ancient installations.
For example, in the case of an accident or malfunction of the merry-go-rounds, the agency Community was covered by an Organizers Civil Liability policy.

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