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Physical assets

Protecting your assets, means protecting the physical assets that you are responsible for, assets that you own, those that you rent and those that you have been entrusted to you.

This applies to buildings, theaters, offices, halls, warehouses, the equipment such as lights, sound and temporary decor structures, both while being stored or used around the world.

Two main elements:

• Contents and Buildings
• Equipment

Contents and building

The contents and buildings insurance is the most common insurance.

Your buildings, offices, warehouses, studios or theaters are where you manage your activity and create your productions. It is very important to protect them against the possible risks of damage and the cost of replacement including additio-nal working costs and/or loss of revenue.

To ensure that you insurances are adapted to your situation it is necessary to have a precise analysis of your risks, your means of protection and the terms of your lease.

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Equipment insurance

Sound and lighting equipment, computers, stage elements are indispensable to the smooth running of your project.

Insuring them against the possible degradation, theft, or damages os essential but also to protect yourself from the loss of revenue following the loss of use of the equipment.

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Case study

StageCo is capable of building the most impressive stages for whatever festival or concert wherever in the world, all this without worrying about their material. How can this be possible?

Our client StageCo is an international organization. They are the worldwide pioneers’ in designing and building custom made concert stages. The famous stages for the Bon Jovi tour ‘Because We Can World Tour’ or the incredible “Crawl” of the 360° U2 tour are examples that everyone knows.

StageCo rents but also constructs the stages and the staging equipment for events such as concerts, expositions, shows, artist tours and theatrical performances.

Insuring this equipment is essential, the success of the event relays on this equipment!

Besides a classic insurance for theft, damages or loss, AssurEvents took into account the international aspect of StageCo. Their equipment is covered when it is in transit and while in transportation and this all over the world. For example, if their equipment is blocked at customs, this is covered in the insurance program that AssurEvents has put in place for them.

AssurEvents leaves nothing at random and ensures that all the equipment necessary to the realization of a service and therefore the completion of a contract are always perfectly covered.

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