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About us

The entertainment world is a fascinating, unpredictable and ever changing world, we are specialized insurance brokers to this world managing our clients insurance requirements for productions, concerts, TV, video and sporting events our experts acquired a unique know- how that today allows us to understand and respond to your needs.

Through working with our clients on very diverse and ambitious projects AssurEvents has acquired an in depth unders-tanding of your activities. We have over 30 years’ experience in the management of your normal day to day business should it be for short or long term productions or events in Europe and throughout the world.

Should you need advice on issuing insurances for:

• A premiere of a young comedian
• A 10 year revenue protection insurance to insure the funding of a long term produc­tion we have the knowledge to assist you.

Whatever the risk, we can provide you with an insurance solution.

Because each client and each project is unique we develop tailor-made insurance programs that will suit your specific needs.

Our team

Our team is multilingual and multicultural, we are therefore particularly mindful of the cultures and customs of our clients and their public.

Our team is technically experienced and aware of the laws and regulations in the different countries our clients have work in which we translate into the insurance programs to be sure that you are compliant with local law and local insurance practices.

Our vision

Our vision is to have no limits in the development of your insurance program. Being your Insurance Broker is to be at hand to advise you at any given moment.

Understanding your business, its’ risks and rewards. To be your partner- advisor signifies:

• Developing an insurance program to enhance the overall protection the insurance program offers
• Risk Management - your business changes rapidly and requires constant managment as to follow the changes and new protential risks.
• Claims managment to approve and obtain settlement of your claims